Friday, June 19, 2015

Butter Chicken Curry

Today I made Butter Chicken Curry, And felt I should not miss sharing it here. While I was cooking I took all shots step by step. My butter chicken curry is very easy and simple. So friends try it once in your home.

preparation time : 15minutes
cook time            : 40 minutes
Total Time          : 55minutes
Serves                 : 4 Servings

1- Chicken boneless 300 gram.
2- Butter 8gram.
3- Onion 1 big size.
4- Garlic 5 cloves.
5- Ginger .6 cm.
6- Red bell pepper 1/2 piece.
7- Green cardamon 4 piece.
8- Fennel seed 1/2 tsp.
9- Diced tomato can 200ml.
10-Turmeric powder 1tsp.
11- Coriander powder 1tsp.
12- Cumin powder 1tsp.
13- Garam masala 1tsp.
14- salt 2tsp.
15- Milk 200ml.
16- Water 200ml.
17- Oil 1and1/2.
18-  Pinch of Black pepper.

For Chicken marinade:
Boneless Chicken cut into cubes (1-2 cm). marinate with salt (1tsp) and pinch of black pepper. set this aside for 20 to 30 minutes.
 1-marinated chicken  
2- Chopped onion, sliced ginger and garlic.
3- Heat oil(1 and 1/2tsp) over medium heat in a large 
sauce pan, add sliced ginger and garlic. 
Fry it until golden color.
4- Add onions and cook slowly on medium flame until 
the onions are golden brown (About 15 minutes).
5- Add red bell pepper(1/2),green cardamon(4) and 
fennel seed(1/2tsp).
6- Mix it all and cook it about 2minutes.

7- Add salt (1tsp), coriander powder(1tsp), 
turmeric powder (1tsp), cumin powder(1tsp) and 
garam masala(1tsp) mix all and cook it about 
2 minutes on medium flame.
8- Pour the diced tomato puree(200ml), 
mix and cook till the tomato puree becomes thick.

9- cover the pan and cook it about 7 minutes on 
medium flame. switch off the stove. 
pour the gravy in the grinder with milk.

10- Heat the butter(8gram) in the gravy pan and 
add marinated chicken n to the pan. 
mix all chicken with butter cover it and 
cook it about 10 to 15 minutes

11-  Pour milk (200ml) in the grinder with gravy,  
grind it together and make a paste. 
12- Add creamy paste into the pan and mix it well. 
pour water (200ml) in the mix,when the gravy 
start boiling cook it for another 9 minutes on low flame.
 Delicious Butter chicken curry is ready. 

Serve with Naan or chapati!