Thursday, March 31, 2011

Suchir's Spring Beauty

This post is all about Suchir's new activity ,now twenty two months old suchir is doing well.

I will start with an interesting movement,last Wednesday his father was at home, Suchir held his fathers hand and forced him to follow. He took him in front of refrigerator and said papa....papa.... He wanted his father to open the refrigerator.His father opened the refrigerator. Suchir took out the watermelon from inside and put it kitchen slab.He again started saying,papa..........
His father gave him a big piece of watermelon. Normally I used to give him small pieces in a bowl, but this time he got a big piece in his little hands, it was different. His father also took a piece for himself and started eating... Suchir just followed his father. He was enjoying the way he was eating it... It was new for him.

                                    HOW IS MY STYLE PAPA?

WOW   !

when my land line phone is ringing,and if he is around,he always receive the call and starts talking like this heloo, pitti utti un nunhgf ...muuu nooooo ikikikikk......
. puts down the receiver and carry on whatever he was doing.some times if I am busy in kitchen he will go in balcony and start talking on his imaginary phone, have a look:
heloo!how are you?

haahaa !
Sometimes in morning he reminds me to give water to plants in my kitchen balcony. He will just come in kitchen and say 'mommyyy..' and point his little finger in the direction of plants. He wants me to give him water bottle, so that he can give water to plants. And he will keep giving water to plants until i say 'now finish!!'..

how is my spring beauty?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


             WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY AND COLORFUL HOLI.             

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Barking Dogie For My Son

It's barking dogie,yes barking dogie. whenever i will go out of home he hold my finger himself and will come to street dogie in front of him then say do,do, i thought, it's my next project. i have started this little project yesterday  but
it has completed's very simple,super quick,super fun was my son's old part of lower i have used on a fish and other used on's my second experiment on sewing machine and old cloths.

it's crochet eyes,nose and tongue, sewing by hands on the body. its my best  and super decorating project. i hope he will play with it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

some mistakes are sweets!

yesterday i was busy in the morning and didn't boil the reminder always with me (my son) but today was late.when i was boiling the milk,i heard kaaakhat....into the milk pan.milk was separating from the what to do..i had taken out the water from milk and now it's paneer(cheese).i rubbed the paneer on my kitchen slab for couple of minutes and then made small balls of soft paneer,
 other side prepared sugar syrup on the pressure cooker and put the small balls into the boiling syrup and covered the presser cooker.i cooked eight minutes and taken out the balls in the bowel.

and what i did the 2nd step.....boiled the 4 cup of milk in pan for 10 mints and added 1/2tbs cardamom powder,5tbs sugar and while sugar dissolved with milk then put the squeezed balls into the mints more cooked on the medium heat. it transfered other bowel and garnish with pistachio. now Ras Malai is in my freeze. it's served chilled. enjoy it............

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Crochet Doily

First time i have worked on thread and i was a little bit nervous but final result is good. have a look............

Monday, March 7, 2011

Demonstrate with beautifully style

Today morning time i was playing with my son his puzzle game. we played one and half hours.he will always choose difficult game according his rectangle is a part of puzzle game. it's in a two parts whenever will joint both parts get a small circle in mid of rectangle and  put the circle piece in mid then will get a complete rectangle.he was making rectangle whenever he put the circle piece in mid both rectangle  parts a little bit moves he didn't get prefect rectangle.he often tried but same.suddenly he shouted on himself why i am not making a perfect rectangle  like mummy.i was helping him but..........   i said,now we will play next game. show me suchir where is your teeth,eyes,ears and little nose.he gave me a little smile and only hearing me.while i went in kitchen preparing for lunch and he also.he was doing something wrong in the kitchen i had shouted on him then he moved a bit and very seriously stand in front of me and said,teeth, teeth..... showed with finger  ...
 really some time so smart............