Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween party

This was first time we celebrated Halloween party. I didn't have much idea about costumes and other stuff.  
but simply we enjoyed a lot with  kids.
here are some pics

Crochet Pumpkin Hat

After a long time I have hooked a pumpkin hat. I watched a video on YouTube and liked it. And yes!!! I decided to crochet it for my son's Halloween Party. I used two colors green and orange. Orange is his favorite color, he loved it!! And wearing happily.

Pumpkin hat!

Here are leaves!!!

I love it..............
I realized it should have ear covering... may be 10 minutes job... 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nice experience at Apple Store Ginza

There was a small problem with my iPhone. Some dot marks on display which were not easily visible. My husband took appointment at Genius Bar at Ginza Apple Store. Genius looked at phone, noticed the spots with little difficulty, said 'we will replace your phone with new one', helped to take backup on iCloud, got a new phone, restored the backup from cloud and done!! In 15 minutes we walked out with a new iPhone.
My husband was thinking to buy a new Android phone, but now he is going to wait for iPhone 5. This is why I think people say 'Once you go mac, you don't go back'.
Some pics from Ginza:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Small Knitting Project: Cute Socks

I know it !!!!!  it's too late :)  I have knitted two pairs of socks for my son. first one was short and second one was long. It was just a learning stuff for me. I love pink color, so I thought  how will  be the color combination! I used pink-purple yarn together and yes it came out great. Suchir loved pink-purple socks:)

Here are my short socks.....:)
They are for me!!!!
How are those?
Here are my long socks.....:)