Friday, March 15, 2013

Enjoyed Indian Food With Japanese Friends

Today I enjoyed Indian food with my japanese friends. they were extremely excited to eat Indian food. but I didn't have much time to cook any other dishes ..........just enjoyed !!!!!!

Toor daal,  rice and broken wheat(daliya)

oishii !!!
Gochisosama deshita !!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today is My Coloring Day [सुचिर]

Today it was windy outside. I said to Suchir  we can't go out of home today. Now what to do!!!!  I asked him do you want to colour on THOMAS?? He understood and with in a second I saw him with an old T-shirt in his hands and trying to ware. I drew a picture of Thomas and asked Suchir which color do you want to fill..... and at once he said blue color.

I loves Thomas !!!!!!!!
He wanted to play with different colours.  So I drew flower this time and Suchir filled pink colour in it. Then we filled colours in many different drawings. But last one was super exciting. I sketched Mickey Mouse; his favourite... he got very excited and wanted to colour it. He just used black colour to draw Mickey. I am amazed to see his imagination.





Mickey Mouse.

Todays all drawings.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colorful Vest For Spring Season

Yes, It's done!! Don't laugh !!!!First crochet project of the year. It's a small project but I hooked one year back, finally ready to wear....! My son was waiting for a log time. while I was in finishing stage he was so excited. it's open vest because he did'n want to take off. so, I decided  no need to buttons. have a look.....

I was waiting for a log time..........!
Front side!

Back side!
Hello Hello papa!!

Don't want take off !!!!