Wednesday, February 23, 2011


"Fish","Fish" yes fish........ he has learned first word of an animal "fish". Last week end we went to supermarket for some shopping.always it's a very difficult task for me with him.yes one thing is very interesting.he knows there is an aquarium and where it is? whenever i will be around the aquarium he push the trolley that direction and pause there.often i said to him (suchi this is fish. no reply).when i moved the trolley ahead  he said "fish".really his mouth expression and pronunciation was so sweet.......
now i know what 's my next task.

how ti is?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Bunny

yesterday i got a little chance in the noon my son was sleeping. now what to do ? i spend half-hour on computer. i got an idea how to use my old cardigan.i drew the image on the paper whatever was going on my mind. but how will be the result i didn't know. please have look.......

 i used half arm of my cardigan.just fold it and sewing by machine the area how much i have used body,ears,hands,legs and tail then cut and fill,final step has completed sewing by hands the body parts on body. i had made it with in one's really so super quick Project, so sweet and so funny. have a look ....front view and side view

suddenly i heard mummy mummy! ! oh he did...i went to his room but he was on the bed waiting for me. when i showed to him he was so excited. he was so happy.........

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lovely Moment

 This post is all about my sweet baby how he is gradually growing fist day to fist year. really It was a wonderful day for us(2nd June 2009) a cute and smiling boy baby came to in the a new world and my sweet home.
   Good morning!

birth time his weight was 3.02kg,hight 50cm and head circumference 35.2cm.everything was good.

     Good morning everybody,      
 How lovely! everything is awesome.
have you seen?? what????
i have a big nose,big eyes and big ears
 but less hairs. just kidding.................
Enjoying  ahead .................                                                                                         

Naming ceremony(Suchir)

After eleven days was his naming ceremony. we so much confused about his name.finally Suchir name given by his dadaji. meaning of suchir is eternal.
and his nick name is suchi.



              more responsive 

he is two months old in this photo. now he is more responsive and looks at object with concentration,often for long time.when i talks and touch to him  demonstrates a beautiful smile at me.
he makes little pops and hums.

 Now he is four and half month old and able to roll from front to back and back to


front now days he is using both hands and holds a toy in one hand. he is enjoying music and rhymes.  he likes hindi song"lakdi ki kadi".                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 he is five months old in the above photo.whenever he is excited then making sound like ma,da, ga, pa and hooo.

With great dadi
six months after  we went to our native place's in Uttranchal. forth of December month 2009 was his fist rice eating ceremony(annaprashan).
his annaprashan had done at a Uma devi  temple. now we will gradually  introduce solid foods following this ceremony.  
                     outside is very cold he is in the room inside of blanket .                                                                                                                                                                  
Using both hands .
His teeth came out in six months. 
Loves kitchen utensil.

 he is eight  months old and loves a lot  kitchen area and utensil. whenever i will go in the kitchen  sure he will be coming behind thing is very interesting when he will drop his toy or something fist of all he will hear and then search where it is. he moves around by creeping on his tummy.                                       
standing himself.
eating grapes


Enjoying both

Now he is nine month old in this photo.he picks up small toys and soother easily.he stands with a little support and moves all over the place. he have started crawl..............
now a days his favorite TV music channel is 9XM but he does not watch cartoon network.

it's happens every weekend i know today he will not sleep in the noon because his papa at home.he will play full day with him . have a look.........           

he has completed fist milestone of his life.he is very curious, active and uncontrollable. last week of May (2010)month he have started to walk without any support.

 really i think June month has come so soon. how to spend one year with him i do not know but i have a lots of sweet memory,sweet fun and sweet dreams. 


 Happy birthday suchir

Today is 2nd June.everybody is busy since morning.his dadi ji in the kitchen(Sweet Gulgulle) ,dada ji  in a little pooja, his papa ji with news paper and smiling suchir is also busy with  kitchen utensil.after a little pooja we planed his birthday will celebrate at home.

I am ready for second milestone.