Sunday, July 14, 2013

Suchir's 4th Birthday [सुचिर]

Suchir has completed his 4th milestone on 2nd June 2013. It was a small celebration with Dada-Dadi and friends. In the morning he got up around 6 O'clock and first dada wished him Happy birthday Suchir, within couple of second he replied, " NOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY", then every one wished him but same!!!! It was not surprising for us, past few weeks he was using NO and ONLY.
Interesting story is: he easily got ready to go to party hall and played with his friends, when suchir was standing with knife in front of cake table and everyone singing happy birthday song for him then only he understood that today it is his birthday. :)

playing games.....
Delicious food!!
WOW! IT's Train cake.....!
NOW understood !!! It's my b'day cake!!!!
with family !!!

Dada- Dadi ji....!!
cake is yummy mamma!!
MOMs group!!!