Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home Trip November 2012

It was a memorable trip back home after almost a year. 

Suchir preparing for long trip to India at Haneda airport. He loves watching airplane, he is excited. Lets see what happens inside. :) 
Boring?? Its not so nice inside plane.... Don't like it!!
We will take this plane to Dehradun from Delhi. A Bombardier Q400 
Good morning Dehradun
Enjoying cold morning with dadajee
Morning view of Kedar Dome from our village.
Mimicking Marty zebra of Madagaskar movie
With dadi... I also want to cook, it is different than Tokyo.
At Triyuginarayan temple with dada dadi and mommy.
Triyuginarayan temple. It is believed that Lord Shiva married to Parvati at this place, and the fire is still burning since the marriage (3 yuga)   
Blessings of Lord Shiva
Watching magnificent Himalaya
View from Triyuginarayan
Family pic. Where is Suchiiii? May be experimenting with camera...
Malte pak gaye. 
From Chopta
At chopta
At Chopta
Top of Chaukhamba visible from Chopta
Suchir loves Dogs.
Karanprayag at night
At Karanprayag
Makeup kid
With Chacha
This was once a small river. Small part of Tehri dam lake.
Let me fly. Cheating!!!! Where are the keys??

Himalayan range from Dhanaulti
At Dhanaulti
Mama where is bike key??
Back to Tokyo after a wonderful trip. ANA was nice experience. At Narita airport.