Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wonderful adventure with new year celebration

It was not planed! My hubby had a long weekend and Chacha and Chachi Jee had already plans to go out of Tokyo. They asked us to join, without thinking much I said 'Yes'!! We were ready to go...  On Saturday early morning we started from Ikebukuro station, we joined Chachi Chacha at Ueno. We took local train to Takashaki. It was about 90 minutes journey to Takashaki. Suchir enjoyed a lot at station watching trains. But after sometime inside train he got bored and started screaming, he just lay down on floor, everyone was looking at him... anyhow we reached Takashaki. Here we had to change train for Minakami, the train to Minakami was from next platform, but we missed it... We had to spend 1 hour at station as next train was after one hour. We enjoyed Japanese brunch 'Lame' (noodles in soup :) ). We took next train to Minakami, it was another one hour trip from Takashaki, but the route was scenic and very beautiful partially in hilly region. It was not looking like there is any snow at Minakami... We were getting little disappointed and suddenly after crossing a tunnel we saw snow. I was very excited. Somebody from hotel came to pick us from station.  
We took some rest, by the time we went out it was already dark. We enjoyed playing in snow, taking some photographs and came back to hotel. 
Next morning when we got up, sun was out welcoming us in new year!! We quickly got ready and took our breakfast. It was already 10:30 and cab was waiting for us. We went to ski resort which was about 15-20 minutes from hotel. Road to full of snow, and it was a sunny day, we were very excited. Suchir was watching snow with a surprise look on his face. First time in my life I saw ski resort. First thing we did after reaching there was renting snow wear for Suchir. Then we rented ski gear for ourselves and registered for a small ski lesson. It was great fun... We were busy trying to learn basics of skiing and Suchir was already driving his snow car. :)

Looks like a car, but where are the wheels?
warming up for lesson.........
this is our team with coach :)
After the lesson break my hubby got disappeared. Suddenly I was him skiing down the slope!! It was a surprise for me... Then he returned after at least two hours. We were trying our hands on skiing and playing on snow.
With papa & mummy.......

How is my new home?
Just trying....
With chachi.....

back to hotel...:)

It was a wonderful adventures day... We took bath in oncen (hot spring), planed for next morning, took dinner and went to sleep...
Next morning was not like yesterday. It was snowing... We could not go out, and decided to move back to Tokyo. By evening we were back in our appartment.
I never thought this trip was going to be so adventures and full of fun. We all enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Chacha and Chachi Jee.