Thursday, March 17, 2011

some mistakes are sweets!

yesterday i was busy in the morning and didn't boil the reminder always with me (my son) but today was late.when i was boiling the milk,i heard kaaakhat....into the milk pan.milk was separating from the what to do..i had taken out the water from milk and now it's paneer(cheese).i rubbed the paneer on my kitchen slab for couple of minutes and then made small balls of soft paneer,
 other side prepared sugar syrup on the pressure cooker and put the small balls into the boiling syrup and covered the presser cooker.i cooked eight minutes and taken out the balls in the bowel.

and what i did the 2nd step.....boiled the 4 cup of milk in pan for 10 mints and added 1/2tbs cardamom powder,5tbs sugar and while sugar dissolved with milk then put the squeezed balls into the mints more cooked on the medium heat. it transfered other bowel and garnish with pistachio. now Ras Malai is in my freeze. it's served chilled. enjoy it............